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Daily Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Preparation- 9 PM Daily Brief

Daily Current Affairs - UPSC Current Affairs - 9 PM Daily Brief

You don’t need to look anywhere more for your Current Affairs daily news bytes.

The idea behind 9 PM Daily Brief is to make aspirants aware of news articles from different newspapers bearing relevance to Civil Services Preparation.

Why do you need 9 PM Brief?

UPSC syllabus is rather indicative than exhaustive and needs a broader learning curve and regular updates. The aspirant needs to have a practical working knowledge of almost everything happening socially, politically, economically, geographically and historically.

News reading is an important aspect which supplements above mentioned criteria. The articles in newspaper are of relevance to any given civil services examination paper whether it be optional, essay, general studies or preliminary. Also, newspaper being dynamic in nature there is no difference in strategy of reading newspaper for a newcomer or an experienced aspirant. But does one really have time to sift through so many newspapers and even more number of articles on daily basis.

Hence, our editorial team tries to make task easier for you by sifting through 4 to 5 relevant newspapers skimming articles and presenting the details in a concise form. These entire articles briefed and brought together for the day that we call as 9 PM Daily Brief. You don’t need to look anywhere more for your daily news bytes.

Frequency: 9 PM Daily Brief comes on weekdays from Monday to Friday. The brief is not published on Saturdays and Sundays. The news byte for weekend can be found on the Monday.

PS: We still recommend you to go through one newspaper for the day.

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  • devang vaghela

    sir please continue with 9 pm

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  • Kanaksinh Dodiya

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  • it is highly productive and has wide coverage…pls continue

  • Ashok Sharma

    Plz continue this initiative….it was Ur USP

  • abhijeet beniwal

    Sir please resume the 9 pm daily brief, it is very very helpful in the preparation

  • kapil

    9 PM brief will be started ? or it is stopped ?

  • selvaavt

    thank you,great content.

  • AmanSingh12

    Any update on when this initiative will start again?

  • Shine like a sun..

    Sir, please continue with this initiative.


    hi sir why stop the 9pm daily brief, please sir start it again bcoz it is very useful for beginer like me,


    Bhai March or April k 9 pm brief ka compilation daal do koi.. Waise bhi bohot late ho chuka hey

  • Shankar

    sir please attache newspaper pdf if possible for 9PM brief…

  • Venky

    Hi all, can anyone please suggest me about current affairs. i have a state service commission exam on may’17. up to which month current affairs is important to that exam.

  • drt

    please provide the monthly compilation of 9 pm brief. it would be a great help

  • kk

    Thank you guys..

  • Pankaj

    Sir please continue uploading 9 PM brief regularly

  • kesh sarmah

    9 pm brief is really beneficial, please keep uploading

  • sagar

    Thanq very much sir….

  • Abhishek K Rao

    Dear ForumIAS please bring back 9PM brief. It was a one stop for GS prep for many aspirants like me.

    P.S If the trigger for discontinuation has been some morons who were throwing hissy fit regarding some “missed articles” previously then I guess its only fair that the majority of serious aspirants should not be punished on behest of few bad apples.

  • mithun

    sir, please continue 9pm daily brief,,,,

  • Preamble

    Plz continue..

  • vanshi dhar

    sir plz continue 9pm brief

  • abhay

    please continue this 9 pm brief as we are fully dependent on you.

  • Gallifreyan

    9 pm initiative was really saved my lots of time & made reading newspaper easier.

  • Piyush Singh

    please continue with this initiative…its highly beneficial

  • Sonu

    I think they have stopped uploading 9 PM brief 🙁

  • Dragon warrior

    Sir please continue uploading 9 PM brief regularly….It is highly beneficial…

  • Akm Nozmul Islam

    Sir make Saturday as well.
    I am only following 9 pm brief.
    Will you suggest me to read daily Hindu paper also

  • Rajasekhar Ch

    Where can I find 9pm briefs of yesterday and today.?

  • Navdeep

    Hello ForumIAS Team,
    9 PM Brief Program is stopped or is temporarily unavailable,
    No uploads since last 2 days? Please provide some updates and continue this initiative its really benefiting to aspirants.

  • Indian

    Where is 28th…

  • Geetanjali Joshi

    Sir pls make it for saturday as well….

  • Varun Rao

    Where can I find analyzed points of Sunday big issue by THE HINDU which is published just after editorials?

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks for asking. You must read one daily newspaper(Hindu/IE), apart from Must Read, Mains Marathon and 9 PM Brief.

  • ForumIAS

    No, not discontinued. It comes from Monday to Friday.

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  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS


  • Seriously following since last month.
    Hope to be helpful!!

  • Silent

    Hi. . I have been reading NP for past one year and I take about 1 hour to complete one NP. But after seeing your daily listing of articles from different sources on daily basis, I thought of relying on those is no harm. bcz what ever articles i pick from hindu or IE more or less coincides with your listing (I have seen other websites too. . but here its better and reasonable I think). And 9 pm brief is a much relief because it reduces my time in searching for new terms/concepts appear in news. But at the end of the above writeup you have still recommended to read one news paper. . Can’t we believe “Must read news articles” are sufficient ? I think so. .

    Waiting for your response 🙂

  • Indefatigable Das

    today’s brief master ??

  • Jyoti Singh


  • Captain America

    Waiting for today’s !! 🙂

  • parbat rathore

    Hello sir, why 9pm brief for 1 and 2 December has not been provided, have u discontinued it ?

  • Akm Nozmul Islam

    Thnx for your such a great work.