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ForumIAS Test Series Calendar, Test Plan, Booklist, Syllabus and other details

Test Series

Hi All,

A lot of people have been trying to reach us via email/phone calls. We have emailed all subscribed users the detailed Test Plan. In case you have not got it, please check your spam folder. In any case, you can download the Test Plan from here.

Enrolment For Test Series

Click here to download Test Plan, Calendar, Reference Book List and Important Instructions


Note: the following things before enrolling for the Test Series

  • The Test Portal Link is
  • Anyone can register on the Portal and write FREE Tests – more than 6000 people are currently registered and 3500+ people have completed the First Free Test. 2000+ have started the test, but not completed it.
  • When you enroll for the Test Series – 16 additional Tests will be unlocked for you. The tests will appear as per the calendar and test plan given in the document above.
  • Flexible Plan : The Tests will be released as per schedule and can be written anytime after its release date till August 7 the Prelims Date. You will not see those tests in the test portal before they are released.
  • It is recommended to write the tests as per plan so that you do not have a backlog at the end. Having a time bound strategy is the best way to prepare for competitive exams.
  • Rankings – After the Test, you will be able to see solutions and the rank at that time among the people who have written.
  • Official RankList for Enrolled Test Series Exams: ForumIAS will release an official Ranklist 1 week after the exam date for all enrolled users. For example, the official ranklist for the test held on February 14 will be put up by February 21 6PM – so you have 1 weeks time to write the exam and still be a part of official ranklist.
  • For OPEN Tests – which is FREE for all, the ranklist will be published within 3 days. For example, The next mini test of 7 Feb is OPEN to all and result and rank will be announced by February 10
  • The Official Rank List will be released on ForumIAS website as a discussion thread and will be announced. Those who write the tests after that date, can see their ranks updated on the Test Portal ( ). But their names won’t be part of Official Test Series Rank List  on ForumIAS Discussion thread. This is being done so that people do not write tests after seeing the solution from friends and getting a high rank.
  • You will be able to see the solution for FREE Tests immediately and will be able to download the PDF containing test and solution with your name and email address.
  • The PDF you download will be encrypted with your mobile number and email address, and it is your responsibility that it is not circulated on the Internet or you cannot solicit to sell it. In case you are found doing this, your membership of test series will be suspended and you will not be allowed to write any further tests. We reserve rights to take up any legal action against you for the same.
  • The Test Series is priced at Rs. 3500
  • Do not ask further discounts. We have done our best. Let us focus on doing an awesome Test Series.
  • We may provide additional Tests in between – for your practice.
  • In case you have any login issues – please email

Click here to download Test Plan, Book List, Syllabus and Important Instructions.

All other details are available on

Enrolling for Test Series

Click here to pay via Instamojo

In case you face any problems with Instamojo, you can also enroll for the test series from Flavido. They have a more robust payment option – with both PayU and CCAvenue Payment Gateway.

Click here to pay via

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