Free : Public Administration Classes for Mains 2016 by Flavido Classes

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to bring you a series of 10 FREE lectures on Public Administration by M K Mohanty in association with


These lectures will tentatively start from October 25,  from 5PM and will have 10 lectures in the lecture series. They will cover topics such as :-

  • British and French Philosophy of Public Administration
  • Administrative Approaches, Post Positivism, Post Institutional-ism, Post Modernism
  • Organisational Culture & its impact on Organisation Efficiency
  • Social Capital and Development
  • Administrative Thinkers
  • Public Administration – Emerging Crisis & New Directions

These classes are widely sought after and take place every year in New Delhi. They have also been recommended by old ForumIAS members and moderators.

We hope that you benefit from these classes, especially when Public Administration has seen several questions from sections that have not been conventionally covered in the syllabus.

While we cannot authenticate this, since UPSC does not have anything official on the same, but some students of Public Administration call this the new syllabus of Public Administration and the class notes of these classes are sold in Rajinder Nagar every year.

How to register for the FREE course?

  1. Visit this link and click on Take this course on the right hand side.
  2.  You will be taken to the product page and you will have to click on Add to Cart
  3.  After adding to cart, you will be taken to billing page. Enter your details and the Course will be added to your cart.
  4. You do not have to pay anything on the checkout page.
  5. You will become student of this course and when the lecture is uploaded on 25th October at 5 PM you will get an email notification.
  6. Please note that this is being brought to by association with and the course will be available for ten days only.
  7. If you miss any of the classes, you will be able to watch the recorded lectures later at your convenience.

In case you have any query, please

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