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How to Maximise your score on the Mains Day + Some Motivation

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How to Maximise your score on the Mains Day + Some Motivation


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  • Tuts Raja

    Thank for sharing the great article.

  • ncc
  • gkduniya

    Nice article. Thanks for sharing….

  • Vikram Thakur

    Kudos to you!

    You had an amazing session today at ORN Delhi

  • Sepoy No 1446

    You need to have a good writing speed first,but before that develop understanding of what to write in an answer.

    Practice on insights secure,IASbaba or here in forum (many good threads are there).At this point of time read a lot, do think over an issue and analyze it from various perspective. U can follow IASbaba daily Current affairs or 9PM Daily Brief of forumias. These are the best for intended purpose.

    Answer writing will come with practice,no one can help you there.So follow above guidelines and start writing.Keep going, u will improve with time.

  • sejjul vinzuda

    Sir I follow yur answer on iasbaba..can u share some advice from yur mains2015 experience.. I am aspirant of 2016 UPSC CSE IAS.

  • New_to_IAS_2016

    Thanks Neyawn 🙂

  • VivekJ2

    Thank you Neyawn!
    ! Best of luck everyone! 🙂

  • Neyawn

    I did not, but here is what I know . If there is a question on NJAC, you may indicate with a rough structure its composition . You don’t need to explain the diagram, at least in the new pattern .

    How many questions to attempt ? One more than as many you can!

  • Neyawn

    Hi, I will make sure I pass on this message to someone who sees these things at ForumIAS . Have you tried writing to ?

  • New_to_IAS_2016

    How did you managed to draw daigram for polity ? since there is no concept to draw daigram in polity, please do let me know, does word count really matters in mains answers ? how many questions max we can attempt in span of 3 hours ?

  • kishormali

    Can you please translate “ForumIAS 9 PM Daily Brief” in hindi. I am from hindi medium. None of them provide current affairs in hindi.”The Hindu” & “The indian express” is the best for ias preparation but it is not available in hindi. Most of the students from hindi medium. Can you please start this on your website for hindi medium students.

  • imperfect_serenity

    Thank you very much..

  • Show the best results. Future Rulers of india on forum. We are proud of you

  • Neyawn

    You are good to go IWRA 🙂 Best of luck! 🙂

  • Neyawn

    Thank you bhai 🙂

  • India bhai

    Great piece of informative article Neyawn !!!

  • TSD

    Great Write-Up. Very Motivating! Thank you! 🙂

  • aspirant15

    quality advice..thanks a lot

  • mango_dolly

    Thanks Bro !

  • mu_11

    was waiting for this, thanks a ton!

  • raghuvardas

    best of luck neyawn bhai

  • Kumar Ravi

    Thanks Neyawn…hope it will work on D – Week…

  • New_to_IAS_2016

    Awesome .. thank you very much, i got more confidence for 2016 prelims and got some idea too .. thank you very much 🙂

  • Neyawn

    I wrote bad answers in Polity part of GS Paper 2 and was expecting 40-60 or less, but got close to 100 because i drew diagrams in each IR question and that may have helped ( I think )

  • Neyawn

    Not specific to Paper 2, but I have seen people score well if they make some diagrams even to list out things – like poverty and malnutrition can be indicated by a vicious cycle , seven qualities given by Nolan Committee by a hexagon with one quality in the center – something on those lines which you can diagrammatically represent. I mean anything you can quickly do under a minute – without being elaborate and not taking too much time.

  • Priyanka_9

    Thanks Neyawn for such an awesome article 🙂

  • mango_dolly

    Can you give some example of diagrams for GS2 apart from International Affairs questions?

  • proust

    Thanks 🙂

  • Larkin Auden

    useless gyaan. wasted my 3 minutes. Avoid such things on last day dude. Remain silent. That is good for all.

  • Sid

    Thanks Neyawn. Thanks and all the best to you too !

  • Sepoy No 1446

    Charged up..That was one hell of an adrenaline rush!!

  • Thank you @Neywan and same to you 🙂

  • Juhi

    Much needed and a brutally honest article.