Answered: “Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” Discuss Confucius’s views.

Humility is a state of modesty,free from pretension,pride and arrogance. It is is one of the seven capital virtues. The others are liberality, brotherly love, meekness, chastity, temperance, and diligence. They are called capital because all the virtues we strive to practice are said to flow from these seven capital virtues.


Humility was one of the core values that philosopher Confucius espoused in his writing and teachings on social interaction. According to Confucius a leaner is never full. There is always a chance for improvement. He warns about falling into the tarp of conceit and emphasizes on the constant need to improve oneself.


Renowned scientist Albert Einstein said what he knew is miniscule of sand in the ocean of the knowledge. It is one trait that enhances self-awareness and fostering on it is a much needed developmental process.


The virtue if acquired would shape ones personality in such a way that he/she is always knowledge seeking, it is the quality that made Gandhiji Mahatma. Even religious texts talks of rejecting Ahamkara. It widens ones circle of compassion, and just as Fig tree attracts lots of birds, animals and even provides shade to human a humble civil servant would be easily accessible to people and his decision making would be more people centric.


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