IAS RANK 36: Abhinav Goel, 3rd Attempt, Public Administration Optional

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IAS RANK 36: Abhinav Goel, 3rd Attempt, Public Administration Optional


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  • Siddharth Jain

    We had our interview on the same date and by the same board. I know Abhinav since then. He owns an extremely calm, simple and rooted personality. It is very difficult not to be impressed by his simplicity.He deserves every bit of what he has achieved. I wish him a stellar bureaucratic career!

  • sandeep chahal

    Sir can u plz share u r pub add strategy…
    Do I need to read entire book….like sadhana and Sharma,mohit Bhattacharya or selected chapters from different sources,
    And plz guide how to make notes sir….

  • sandeep chahal

    Sir can u plz share your pub administration strategy…
    I’m not able to consolidate into notes.
    Need ur help sir

  • alberto

    @@atuldas:disqus sir can u share strategy for paper 2??
    it will be immensely helpful for us…..

  • Kek

    Kindly share ur strategy for Public Admin Paper II. It will help lots of people.

  • Anil9

    Congratulations Abhinav

  • Vijay Karthik

    Thanks sir. Can i or we contact u via mail for further guidance if Ur time permits in Ur busy schedule and that too in Ur free time ( for helping students like me who study from home) ?

  • damodaradas8

    Congrats man

  • Abhinav Goel

    Thanks atul 🙂

  • Abhinav Goel


  • Vijay Karthik

    Thanks a lot for your guidance, ideas and suggestions. please share Ur marks .

  • Deepak

    Congratulations Abhinav. Can you share the public administration approach as well. Thanks .

  • Atul Das

    Congratulations Abhinav on this stupendous achievement…. All the best for future…