IAS RANK 38: Abhimanyu Gahlaut, 1st Attempt, Economics Optional

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IAS RANK 38: Abhimanyu Gahlaut, 1st Attempt, Economics Optional


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  • Atul Das

    Congratulations Abhimanyu on this great achievement….!!
    If you can spare some time then please do reply on my below query…..
    I am a Btech Mechanical Engineer, 2.2yr experience with LG Electronics,left job in October last year for this coveted passion….
    At this point of time I have covered GS prelims syllabus cose to some 85-90% as per standard material available in market and syllabus..
    For mains only GS 1 and GS 2 topics, only notes making no writing practice at all…
    My optional will be mechanical engineering whose paper 2 preparation , I will complete by June 10 and paper 1 after prelims…
    Essay writing practice not done since March but covering topics from Hindu, pib,prs (simply note making on daily basis)
    As I am still in doubt whether my prelims prepration is at the required threshold or not so from Jun 10 will prepare for prelims only… And rest syllabus of GS 3, GS 4, Paper 1of optional and writing practice of GS1, GS2 and essay will start after prelims….
    This will be my first attempt…
    No coaching from anywhere, only self study at home…
    Please do suggest whether I am on right track or I need to switch or change to some other strategy…. Thanks in advance…