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Reading the Hindu is key to success in UPSC. IAS Topper tells you how.

You wake up  to be faced with the gigantic task of climbing the Himalaya everyday. Reading The Hindu is no less an affair in an IAS aspirant’s life.

If you are a beginner and a late comer, that is a bigger problem, because most of you are preparing for Prelims with little preparation for Mains, and you will end up missing the news which are relevant from Mains point of view.

For instance, you wouldn’t know that you need to focus on certain kind of International Relations & Foreign affairs articles, because they are not asked in the Prelims Examination.  Since your preparation will be largely Pre centric, you have been doing previous years paper, and maybe some pre test series, and you won’t find the Mains oriented news articles helpful. This is especially true for those of you who have not prepared for Mains, and want to begin UPSC preparations with Prelims first.

However, reading the newspaper requires an integrated approach. When you read the newspaper, you prepare fodder for both the Prelims & the Mains examination. Not to mention, it helps develope your personality for the Interview.

Roman Saini , who secured 18th rank in Civil Services Examination 2013 tells you how to read The Hindu in 90 minutes or less.

Roman guides you through some of the most pertinent questions regarding the newspaper, like :

  • What to read in The Hindu
  • Which pages to focus on in the newspaper
  • What keywords are important in choosing the right articles to read.

Roman also deals with the question if a business newspaper is necessary for IAS aspirants – a rather tricky question with varied opinions.

Go ahead, watch this video, and learn How to read The Hindu in 90 minutes or less.

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