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Indian Polity : Who tenders resignation to whom – Factsheet Important for Prelims

A very common question asked in UPSC Prelims , Test Series and other GK based quizzes is of the following nature

Q) The Vice President tenders resignation to whom?

a) President

b) Chief Justice of India

c) Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha

d) None of the above

One of our regular ForumIAS Study Portal Followers CSE 2017 Aspirant ( ABG ) compiled this list and we are sharing it with you for your benefit.

1. President submits resignation to the Vice President
2. Vice President submits resignation to the President
3. Governor submits resignation to the President
4. Judge of Supreme Court submits resignation to the President
5. Judge of High Court submits resignation to the President
6. Speaker submits resignation to the Deputy Speaker ( of both Lok Sabha and Legislative assemblies )
7. Deputy Speaker submits resignation to the Speaker ( of both Lok Sabha and Legislative assemblies )
8. Chairman submits resignation to the Deputy Chairman ( of Legislative Council )
9. Deputy Chairman submits resignation to the Chairman ( of both RS and Legislative Council )
10. UPSC chairman and members submits resignation to the President
11. CAG submits resignation to the President


Feel free to add more in the comments section and we will add it 🙂

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  • Ankur

    no it doesn’t implies that. Removal of different office bearer are clearly mentioned in the constitution. for e.g. upsc member , ec , attorney general etc .AG’s removal process is not clearly define in the constitution.

  • Kaafir

    16. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
    17. Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs
    18. Cabinet Committee on Security
    19. Appointments Committee of the Cabinet

  • DuckDuck

    Usually submission of resignation would be to an higher authority than the current position the person is holding. But in the cases 1,6 and 8 this is not so. Is this only for administrative convenience or is there any other deeper reason?

  • Mehboob

    Bro Ishan, can I have your contact no. Please. send me in this mail.
    Thanks bro.

  • Sagar

    Thank you:) Really Helpful


    good work bro 🙂

  • IndianSuperhero

    thanx buddy,,,,,,

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    Does it also mean – that they retain office till pleasure of governor ? (Just asking)

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    13. National Water Resource Council
    14. Council of minister 🙂
    15. (Leader of the) house of parliament of which he is member

  • ForumIAS

    This month most probably.

  • Kumar Harsh

    PM : Heads :-
    1. NITI Aayog
    2. National Integration Council
    3. National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA)
    4. National Development Council (NDC)
    5. National Commission for Population Control
    6. Department of Space (DoS)
    7. Department of Atomic Energy
    8. Nuclear Command Authority
    9. Indian Board of Wild Life
    10. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)
    11. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
    12. Inter-State Council

  • Simplex

    Sir…when can we expect mains result?

  • Simplex

    Gogo bhai.

    Warrant under his hand and seal means: appointment letter signed by the prez. In other cases he may delegate his power to make appointment, but where the constitution makes such phrase, it must be understood as : Warrant: authority + Seal: emblem and sign, meaning thereby “in person” by the president exercising authority conferred by the Constitution of India.

    I hope was able to make the point clear. 🙂

  • Simplex

    Sir…when can we expect mains result?


    president appoint “warrant on his hand’ pls explain guys warrant on his hand means

  • Simplex

    what an Initiative. Master Stroke

  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS


  • Jor lagaa ke haisha

    x submits to vice/deputy x and vice versa (x equals prez,speakers/chairmans of all legislstive bodies except rajya sabha) and
    rest almost all submit to prez.

  • Agent ColourBlind

    Easy though

  • Albatross

    Bingo 🙂