Mains Marathon

Mains Marathon – 5 Current Affairs Questions-Sep 5

Read the below questions carefully and answer the questions by clicking on the links.

Time: 45 Minutes

Note: On Friday, two posts were created for the Mains Marathon Questions after which one of them was removed as being duplicate and is being re published today. The questions mentioned below are fresh and not repeated.


1. Critically analyze how helpful will the creation of National Agricultural Market be in providing renumerative prices to farmers as well as consumers. Also discuss the challenges in the working of  NAM.

Link 1Link 2

2. Defamation is both a civil wrong and a criminal wrong in Indian law. In the light of some recent events, critically analyze why defamation needs to be a criminal wrong at all.

Link 1Link 2Link 3

3.The Union government  is contemplating unveiling the union budget a month or more ahead. This may appear to be a superfluous shift to some, but it could significantly alter governance outcomes if managed well. Elaborate.

Link 1

4.  It is ironic that the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 is the most neglected of India’s environmental laws, and one of the least implemented, despite the fact that the act has immense potential to safeguard India’s threatened biodiversity. Critically comment.

Link 1 

5. Although the standoff between judiciary and executive over judicial appointments is a major reason behind vacancies in the courts, but not the only reason. How far do you agree with this statement?  Discuss it’s effects over judicial system and suggest measures to  solve the problem of vacancies in judiciary


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