Mains Marathon

Mains Marathon – GS Test 23

forumias mains questions and answers

Read the below questions carefully and answer them in your own words by clicking individual links, in not more than 200 words each

Time: 1 Hour

Total Marks : 10 x 8 = 80 Marks


1. What do you understand by ‘Ethical Conduct’? What according to you in more important – being ethically correct or being morally correct? Why?

2. What do you understand by the following terms? Point out their specific relevance in public service:-Integrity, Empathy and Spirit of service. Justify your answer with example.

3. What role does family, society and educational institutes play in shaping human values? Which of these do you think is the most important?

4. Which value is the most desirable one in civil services? Give your opinion. In absence of this value, is it going to negatively affect the civil services?

5. You went to a nearby restaurant with your sister. You found that a shopkeeper there employed some children as helpers. They behaved very harshly with the children. You started arguing with the shopkeeper on this issue. Your sister told you to stop. She told that if you argue like this, the shopkeeper would remove the poor child, who is the only earning member in the family. You are not in a position to provide that child any other income source.a). Discuss the moral crisis that you would face in the above situation.b). List some options available to you for reducing the conditions of the children.

6. Dr. Rohan, a senior experience doctor of a private hospital, has believed in the professionalizing the organ donation. He explained further that Hospitals, Doctors, Pharmacy Companies all benefits because of the organ transplant operations. Then, why should not organ donor get the benefit?Healthy people might contract to have their organs sold after death. That money would go to their family. It could help to manage the funeral and hospital expense of the donor.As there is much demand of the organ transplants, because there are not enough donors available. You are a Surgeon in a public hospital. Your view has also been seeked by the concerned authority on organ donation as government needs to review the existing laws. a). Do you agree with the concept of professionalizing the organ donation of Dr. Rohan? b). Whether there should be     monetary benefit get to the organ donor? And Is their ethically sound to make incentivizing the organ donation? c).How to address the problems of a organ racket which is very widespread in the country? d). Give the proper solution to address the high demand of the organ transplants?

7.  A convict is awarded death sentence for murdering a girl from North East. It was a racial attack. She was gruesomely murdered. Minutes before his hanging, the criminal asked the jail authorities if getting hanged is very painful. The official told him that it is not that painful. The convict is hanged as per the procedure. What ethical issues do you see above? Give your opinion. In the light of this, critically examine various arguments for and against capital punishment. Do you think that capital punishment is ethical, even if the convict is sentenced for a gruesome crime.

8. You are posted in a district as a public servant responsible for looking into the matters pf violation of Right to Education Act. You came across a case a in which poor farmer of a village has beaten his little daughter because she is interested to enroll in the school and not interested in a domestic work and kitchen work. Eventually, he locked her in room alone for a day. There are stringent laws in criminal procedure code (CrPC) against this harsh behavior towards a girl by a parents or relatives. When you inquired about it the poor farmer explained that he had done because mother of that daughter is paralyzed and no one is there in the home for a cook and for doing daily domestic work including nurturing of cattle’s too. And the economic condition of a farmer is poor and if he is taken her in the school then, who else is there to perform that role and do that work. a). What are the options available to you. b). Evaluate each of these options and choose the option which you would adopt with giving proper reasons.


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