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Mains Marathon Update : Plan Details To be Uploaded Soon

UPDATE: Plan Details would be released tomorrow (2nd December).

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your tremendous Response to the Mains Marathon Survey. We have received over a hundred emails from you – each one wanting something different.

Based on your response, we have formulated a plan with the express goals of

  • Covering all relevant Current Affairs Questions from GS Paper 2, 3 and 1 through daily set of Questions on Current Affairs
  • Covering the UPSC General Studies ( Mains ) Syllabus at least once before the Prelims Examination through weekly Tests

The idea is to come up with a realistic and implementable plan for Civil Services Examination 2017 Preparation, which can be actually executed by candidates and yet be complete. This will require doing away with unnecessary content, questions and books, and a higher degree of exam orientatedness.

The goal will be to provide maximum coverage of the syllabus through a minimum set of questions – as many of you are working candidates or complete freshers and ensure that your preparation time is rapidly reduced by the efforts we put in, in designing the plan and posting content / questions.

Again, the plan should be such that people should be able to prepare for Mains, without compromising on Prelims. A lot of you said that existing Q & A plans compromise Prelims preparation for Mains – and while one may secure good marks in Mains if one followed existing plans, one may not secure a place in the Mains Examination hall itself by following existing plans.

We will be updating the Plan by evening 7 PM or before. Rest assured, we have you at the center of all our initiatives.

What you can do for now

Request 1 : Candidates are expected to cover Current Affairs from November 15 onwards for this initiative. A close reading of Must Read News Articles of last 15 days ( in case you have NOT done the newspaper daily)  or the 9 PM Brief will help you build the base for the Marathon. Its a long journey, you will want you to cover in minimum time. Stay focused. The first Set of questions will pour in on Monday.

Request 2: Please sign up for automatic updates from the Portal. If you have received this message in this format ( click ), then you do not need to do anything. But if you did not receive the email in the above format , then please sign up for receiving updated by clicking here.


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