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Motivational Articles for UPSC Aspirants

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    I don’t have any much knowledge about UPSC and other related. But I have some motivational things for you guys as you guys are really studying hard to crack these exams. So to keep motivated yourself by some motivational lines said by most success people.
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  • imindian

    Thanku so much

  • Rajendra


  • ForumIAS

    Sure. We will ask Neyawn 🙂

  • DuckDuck

    @Neyawn: Please do a write-up on what to do if one flunked the mains and how to analyse the mistakes committed. Your articles post prelims and mains were really helpful.

  • ForumIAS



    This has helped me a lot specially when I feel I am lagging behind in syllabus or not capable enough.. Hope it helps.