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SC warns ‘ill-trained’ police force in Kashmir : The Supreme Court says to protesters – Do  not mistake your right to assemble and move freely as unlimited freedom to indulge in violence. In the same tone, the court turned to the police and cautioned the force against “indulging in excesses which become barbaric, not halting even after controlling the situation”.

HCs have just a few minutes to hear each case : State of The Indian Judiciary’s Report by Bangalore based Daksh says that the average hearing time for listed cases on a particular day in an Indian high court could be as little as two minutes. That is sad for justice. And judiciary.

Is Lok Sabha playing junior partner to Rajya Sabha? : The GST Bill was initiated in the Lok Sabha, but the select committee to look into it was made from the Rajya Sabha entirely. A joint committee could have been made for discussing its clauses.

Nine bills – and that includes –  the GST Bill, the Prevention of Corruption Bill, a Bill dealing with increasing Foreign Direct Investment in the insurance sector and the Enemy Property Bill were all initiated in Lok Sabha but were handed to select committees headed by Rajya Sabha members. Write in the comments why this may have happened, and win free goodies 😉

India home to legitimate dissent: SC – Supreme Court said that the history of legitimate dissent in the “land of Salt Satyagraha, fast-unto-death and do or die”. It felt excessive force was used against mob violence in J & K!


India re-engages China on NSG entry : Chinese Foreign Minister is in India. Will India be able to convince him to support India for NSG membership. Note that China leads the nations that do not want a non NPT signatory to be a part of Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Ties with India to improve now: U.K. Minister : UK Minister Priti Patel tries to show how Brexit would not hit the economy of Britain. She says EU isnt able to do trade with India in absence of a trade deal ( India – EU FTA – Read on that topic ) Now that Britain is out of EU, they can move forward and have a trade deal.


Centre may ease regulatory norms for Exim Bank, ECGC : The government wants to boost exports.There are few proposals for it. Ease regulatory norms for Exim Bank and Export Credit Guaranttee Company ( They are regulated by RBI and IRDA respectively ) Secondly, the dividends declared by the above needs to be ploughed back into the company

Off-grid solar can meet India’s power demand : Off Grid Solar can help meet the governments’s agenda of producing solar power as it is cheaper. The article also explores  why making solar lamps in India is not feasible and solar units are still imported.

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