Must read news articles – 22 september


Dance bar without liquor is absurd: Supreme Court :- on September 21st the Supreme Court said a new Maharashtra law prohibiting liquor in dance bars was “absurd”,” absolutely arbitrary” and indicative of the State’s mentality.  Maharashtra counted it by saying that a State has ‘an absolute right’ to ban liquor at any place of its choice.

Cabinet gives Clean Ganga Mission power to fine polluters:- The Union Cabinet has approved changes allowing the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) to fine those responsible for polluting the river

Managing the Cauvery dispute:- Author brings forth the importance of judicial intervention in solving interstate water disputes.


The Hindu

Railway Budget, a vanishing trick:- Author tries to decipher the real reasons behind the proposed merger of Railway & Union budget.

Railways will stop paying dividend to Finance Ministry:- The Union Cabinet decided that Railways will not pay dividend to the Finance Ministry for the capital invested in it beginning 2017-18. Since dividend will no longer be paid, the Railway Convention Committee has been scrapped.

Indian Express

Plucking the low hanging fruit of agricultural subsidy reform – The Centre is pushing and many states are implementing Direct Benefit Transfers – and encountering little political opposition

Ten years and waiting – A decade after ‘Prakash Singh’ judgement, police reform remains undone.


Current account deficit narrows:- India’s current account deficit (CAD) narrowed in the first quarter of the financial year to $300 million as compared with $6.1 billion in the year-earlier period

Undersea cable to link Andamans, mainland:- The Union Cabinet has approved a proposal for improving telecom connectivity in Andaman & Nicobar Islands by connecting the Union Territory with Chennai via an undersea optical Fibre cable


Indian express

Paris climate deal: 30 more countries to ratify agreement, says UN :- Thirty more countries are expected to formally join the Paris Agreement on climate change this week, greatly improving the pact’s chances of coming into force just a year after it was negotiated

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