Must read news articles-5th August

The Hindu

Paper 2 (Polity)

Bihar’s draconian prohibition law

Paper 2 (International issue)

Securing the Indus treaty

Paper 2 and 3 (Economy and federal issue)

Bengal, Kerala protest against GST amendment

Paper 2 & 3(taxation and Federal issue)

Tax is not a barrier to free trade, says SC

Paper 3 (Economy)

Giving India a global-scale bank

Paper 3 (agriculture)

Golden rice isn’t ready yet

Paper 3 (Resources)

India to run short of high-tech minerals

Paper 3 (Science and Technology)

Zika vaccine trial on monkeys shows promise

Paper 3 (Infrastructure)

Online platform soon to help resolve concerns of SEZs


Indian Express

Olympics 2016: To Rio, without a plan

Living in a glass house

Live mint

GST: Game changer

Preparation is key for a smooth transition to GST

GST and caveats for the IT and e-commerce sectors

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