Must read news articles-8th August

 The Hindu

Paper 1 (communalizm)

Lessons in prevarication


Paper 2 (polity)

Madras HC disposes of pleas challenging classical status to Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam

Paper 2(Social justice)

Not all are equal: Where health coverage lags behind

Paper 2 (social issues)

Rajya Sabha passes Mental Health Care Bill

Paper 2 (International relations)

Close Gulen’s institutions in India, demands Turkey

Paper 2 (International relations)

Saudi King orders resolution of foreign workers’ issues

Paper 3 (infrastructure)

River-linking to cost Rs. 5-lakh crore

Paper 3 (Economy)

Ponzi schemes not under our purview: SEBI

Live mint

The need for a hawkish monetary policy committee

Will new aviation policy change the way we fly?


Indian Express

Silver scales and survival ladders: the hilsa recipe

What the latest churn in unquiet Mahadayi means for Karnataka


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