Must Read News Articles – April 12

The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

‘Banning online pre-natal sex determination content dangerous’: Will curtail fundamental right to know of a genuine information-seeker, who is driven by curiosity: SC.

HIV law promises equality: Parliament passes Bill guaranteeing no discrimination in treatment, jobs.

Global collaboration project Belle-II moves a step forward: Particle detector integrated with powerful accelerator.


No place for scholarship: New guidelines cutting the number of MPhil and PhD students a professor can supervise will kill research.

Risky, ill-considered: Pakistan’s announcement on Kulbhushan Jadhav threatens to escalate bilateral tensions.


GSTN data will be totally secure: All information to be encrypted.

Indian Express

Misreading caste: New backward classes commission perpetuates an older truncation—of exclusion and discrimination as merely deprivation and disadvantage.

Live Mint

The role of states in foreign policy: While staying firm on core national interests, New Delhi needs to give the states greater freedom to pursue cross-border economic partnerships.




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