Must Read News Articles – April 2

The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Civil-military parity row to end: Government committee to submit report to resolve issue of rank equation.

China flags Tawang rail link: Says it will complicate border issue.

Maternal mortality rising in Gujarat, says CAG report: Lapses found in post-natal and newborn care, only 24% round-the-clock health centres started.

IISc researchers’ ecofriendly way of recycling e-waste: The low-temperature crushing reduced e-waste into metals, oxides, polymer without using chemicals.

Eclipses of binary star shed light on orbiting exoplanet: In a first, a massive exoplanet was discovered using X-ray observations.


The legitimation crisis of Indian democracy: Will a disgruntled populace rely on one individual to work wonders or innovate new institutions when the democratic system itself is questioned?



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