Must Read News Articles – December 14


The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Centre to finance digital discounts: Public sector insurers, oil-marketing firms and others not to take a hit for cashless push.

Urjit Patel to appear before House panel on Finance: Members said questions to Mr. Patel would focus on the reasons for the decision, data on just how much black money has actually been wiped out of the system, and the maintenance of status quo as far as interest rates were concerned, despite liquidity flowing into the system.

Venezuela warns about cybercrime: Venezuela, which like India has withdrawn its highest currency note from the market, has cautioned New Delhi about cybercrimes that target the digital economy.


Why ‘cashless’ may be the new normal: The demonetisation drive is not so much about curbing black money. Consider the likely outcomes of a cashless society, and read back from them the intent behind such a move.

More than a BIT of protectionism: Termination of BITs by India will not impact existing foreign investment in India.

Free flow of wheat: The Centre’s decision to waive import duty on wheat has predictably attracted flak.


Centre to review IT Act to bolster cybersecurity: The government is mulling a review of the more than 15-year-old Information Technology (IT), Act to strengthen cyber security infrastructure, following the push for digital payments post-demonetisation.

IBSA meet may see pact to boost trade: The proposal for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and the two separate customs unions involving Brazil and South Africa – MERCOSUR and SACU respectively – to boost trade and investment ties, is set to get a leg up with New Delhi likely to accord it priority at the forthcoming IBSA Summit.

Science and Technology

‘War against malaria far from over’WHO records 212 million new cases in 2015; India among countries worst-affected.

Indian Express

No proof required: Demonetisation dispassionately demystified: Politicians shouting shrill about demonetisation augur well for the prospects of a new demonetised India. It indicates that the initiative is working.

Live Mint

The perils of the cashless economy narrative: Digitization alone will not justify the political and economic risk attached to the currency swap.

A level playing field for debtors and creditors: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 can make credit cheaper, its sources wider and engender corporate accountability.

Spare a thought for Big Pharma: Big Pharma, even if it is driven by avarice rather than public good, is our best punter to make the kind of bets needed to fight diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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