Must Read News Articles – December 19


The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Single tribunal to arbitrate inter-State water disputes: The Centre has decided to set up a single, permanent Tribunal to adjudicate all inter-State river water disputes, a step which is aimed at resolving grievances of States in a speedy manner. This body will subsume existing tribunals.

EC seeks end to nameless donations: Seeking to stop financing of election campaigns using black money, the Election Commission has urged the government to amend laws to ban anonymous contributions of Rs. 2,000 and above made to political parties.

Supreme Court wants woman pilot to get permanent wings: Court rejects Centre’s view that Air Force officer has no entitlement to a commission.


Bridging the learning deficit: Almost five decades after India first formulated its National Education Policy, the Ministry for Human Resource Development appears to be gearing up for another revision to this policy document.


Double counting of deposits ruled out: RBI data is based on the amount of withdrawn currency that has been returned to the chests.

Point of Sale terminals: How they work: A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerised replacement for a cash register which can process credit and debit cards.

Science and Technology

‘Zika-linked birth defects more severe than thought’: Zika-linked abnormalities that occur in human fetuses are more extensive and severe than previously thought, according to scientists who found that microcephaly is not the most common congenital defect caused by the infection.

Indian Express

No one took notes: Shifting goalposts, changing playing fields: It’s clear the government didn’t think demonetisation through.

Illegal cap: The right to withdraw money cannot be extinguished by demonetisation.

Partial security for farmers: The government’s insurance scheme for agriculture is a major success over earlier schemes. But it remains beset by implementation glitches.

New channel: A single tribunal to adjudicate inter-state river disputes is a step forward, but not sufficient to settle claims and complaints.

Live Mint

Putting firewalls in place for a digital economy: India’s cybersecurity efforts and infrastructure have been sorely lacking thus far.

The many canards surrounding currency swap: Economic commentators should be clear on the monetary economics of the policy. Unfortunately, there has been more obfuscation than enlightenment.

Agriculture a fertile ground for digitization: An all-inclusive digital platform for agriculture sector will help improve yields and meet the growing demand.

The big impact from big data: Data and analytics could provide an injection of transparency and efficiency that spurs commerce and builds more inclusive economies

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