Must Read News Articles – December 22


The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Pardon, the gender wage gap is showing: ILO finds women form 60% of lowest paid wage labour, but only 15% of highest wage-earners.

Too hot to handle – alarming rise in forest fires this year: With fires raging across Central Indian forests and the Himalayan Pine forests, the frequency of such blazes has risen by a drastic 55 per cent in the past year. Parliamentary Standing Committee recommends a national policy on managing blazes.

SC criticises poor implementation of SC/ST Act: Asks National Legal Services Authority to frame schemes for spreading legal awareness and free consultations.


Finding the missing children: The issue of missing children of India, and in particular the rising problem of children becoming victims of trafficking frequently makes international headlines and there is rising global concern about trafficking.

A brief history of the Aleppo battle: The battle for the city has brought Syria to a critical crossroads: how the world deals with Bashar al-Assad may well define the country’s future.

Ending the Manipur blockade: The blockade of the national highways leading to the Manipur valley, called by the United Naga Council (UNC), has been in place since November 1. This has severely affected life in the State, with shortages and escalating costs of essential supplies such as fuel and food.


India’s growth indicator slumps to 20-yr lowData indicate that while demonetisation has triggered a slowdown, the full impact may be seen only in December.

Indian Express

Under siege, on edge: The current crisis in Manipur must trouble us all. Blockades embitter entire populations.

Smallness at the border: In World Bank’s doing business rankings, India doesn’t do as well on trading across borders as it does on other parameters.

Live Mint

Using interoperability to become cashless: The recent monetary experiment has provided an opportunity to focus on India’s non-cash payment infrastructure.

Manipur’s old patterns of violence reignited: As the state prepares for assembly elections, its complex and contested social fabric has once again become a battleground.

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