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Don’t use pellet guns indiscriminately: SC: The Supreme Court has sought an assurance from the Jammu and Kashmir government to avoid the “indiscriminate” use of pellet guns.

50 % reservation in judicial services in Bihar50 per cent reservation in all judicial services for aspirants belonging to the Extremely Backward Classes, Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Status of tribal development remains poor: Ministry report: The tribal population In India lags behind other social groups on social parameters, such as child mortality, infant mortality, number of anaemic women, says the latest annual report of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

Antlers could end up in medicines: Union government’s approval to be sought for using deer antlers in Ayurveda drugs.


Nepal rejects India’s ‘open sky’ offer: Nepal has rejected India’s ‘open sky’ offer to allow unlimited flights between the two countries.

India journeys from multilateral to bilateral: From the United Nations (U.N.), to the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) to BRICS, SAARC, SCO and others, the government seemed to make limited headway.

China calls for ‘strategic balance’ in South Asia after Agni-V test-firing: Without referring to Pakistan, China on Tuesday advocated “preserving the strategic balance and stability in South Asia,” after India successfully test-fired Agni-V ballistic missile.


Afghanistan, India, and Trump: Given his limited choices in stabilising Afghanistan, which include supporting a national election,U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will find India to be a reliable and trusted partner in this process.

Behind Pakistan’s CPEC offer: India should shun its “enmity” with Pakistan and join the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. The Chinese foreign ministry has called the offer a “goodwill gesture”.

Passport to reform: The progressive changes introduced by the Centre to the rules governing grant of passports were long overdue.

Chronicle of a conflict foretold: In Manipur, everyone will have to agree to a shared homeland if the crisis is to be solved.

Excluded from financial inclusion: Despite the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) repeatedly issuing circulars to all scheduled commercial banks across the country to provide banking facilities to customers with disabilities at a par with non-disabled people, the majority of disabled people continue to be inconvenienced by the banks.


Panel moots ‘handling’ levy on cash payments: It suggested a cut in the threshold for quoting PAN numbers for cash transactions from 50,000/- and 2,00,000/-.

Aviation in 2016: Flight airborne; ATF price, congestion cloud outlook: India’s air traffic grew at a significantly higher rate.

Science and Technology

‘Birds with larger brains survive climate change’: Birds have evolved larger brains to cope in harsh environments where the tasks of finding food, evading predators and finding shelter are more demanding, say scientists who predict that smart creatures may cope better with climate change than less brainy ones.

Scientists find multiple uses for silk protein: Scientists have created a novel material from silk protein that can be pre-programmed with biological, chemical or optical functions, such as mechanical components that change colour with strain, deliver drugs or respond to light.

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Sustaining transition to a digital economy: Don’t assume that the recent surge in online transactions is an irreversible move towards a digital economy.

The finance sector must sign the Paris pact: Without increased climate funding to the global South, the poor will end up underwriting a green future for a privileged few.

Forget ratings agencies, focus on fundamentals: While India has made significant progress, there is still plenty of scope for improvement.


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