Must Read News Articles – December 6



The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Centre not to make singing of National Anthem compulsory in government schools: It is up to the States to take necessary action for observance of provisions of the RTE Act and Constitution concerning National Anthem.

Horse racing not animal cruelty: SC: Horse racing per se is not cruelty, the Supreme Court said.

Proposal to amend law for cashless wage payments: The Centre has proposed amending a law to empower States and allow industries to pay wages by cheque or by direct credit into bank accounts.


India to train Vietnam’s Sukhoi fighter pilots: In a further boost to its growing defence ties with Vietnam, India has agreed to train the southeast nation’s Sukhoi-30 fighter pilots.


The heart of the problem: Today it is also a focal point for the region’s biggest challenge of terrorism; some of the far-reaching battles against al-Qaeda, Islamic State, etc. will be decided on the battlegrounds of Afghanistan. For India, putting terror centre stage at the Heart of Asia declaration in Amritsar was thus timely and necessary.

Lessons from an intimate enemy: If Fidel Castro’s regime dispensed with civil and political rights, the U.S. denied its people the substantive socio-economic rights Cuba put in place for its entire population.

Comparing apples and oranges: A year ago, the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) announced a National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to assign ranks to institutions of higher education and research (HE&R) in the country.

The nowhere people: People migrating due to environmental disasters should be accorded ‘refugee’ status in international law.

Science and Technology

Researchers adopt novel approach to drug discovery: A team studied effect of drugs on parasite enzymes. The aaRSs are vital enzymes that decode genetic information and enable protein translation.

Indian Express

Black cash in India: Rumours of even a 1 percentage point decline in GDP growth for 2016/17 are vastly exaggerated, have no basis in logic or fact.

War as performanceFidayeen warfare is, in fact, a sideshow, militarily ineffective and strategically marginal to the jihadist insurgency in Kashmir.

Live Mint

How to deal with the demand shock: Monetary policy can be a part of the overall response—but it is perhaps the weakest policy lever available right now.

Why India needs a new Constitution: The current Constitution gives the government near omnipotent powers that are not consistent with a free society.


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