Must Read News Articles – December 8


The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

RBI keeps base rate unchanged: Lowers the Gross Value Added growth projection for 2016-17 to 7.1 per cent from 7.6 per cent.

NIA takes over Nagrota probe: The agency has said in its FIR that the identity of terrorists remains unknown but they had ‘foreign handlers’.

SC seeks Parliamentary panel report on Lokpal amendments: The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the government to place on record a Parliamentary Standing Committee report suggesting amendments to the Lokpal law.


The Reserve Bank of India’s big surprise: The Reserve Bank of India has surprised markets by opting to keep benchmark interest rates unchanged and cutting the outlook for full-year growth in the wake of last month’s decision to withdraw legal tender status to high denomination currency notes.

Demonetisation is for the long run: It is only rule-based capitalism combined with clean government that can transform India.


Rural India hit most by cash crunch: On an average, a rural bank account received just Rs.350 of new notes between Nov. 10 and 30.

‘Notes withdrawal will not impact RBI balance sheet’: The currency note withdrawal will have no impact on the balance sheet of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), asserted Governor Urjit Patel.

‘Benefits of demonetisation to accrue in long term’: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the benefits of demonetisation would be felt in the long term and a short-term pain was expected.

Science and Technology

Jumping robot to assist in earthquake rescue efforts: An agile jumping robot developed by U.S. scientists who drew inspiration from one of the animal world’s best leapers could one day help in rescue efforts after earthquakes or building collapses.

Earth’s day lengthens by two milliseconds a century, astronomers find: The gradual slowing of the planet’s rotation is causing our day to lengthen, a comparison of nearly 3,000 years of celestial records has revealed.

Indian Express

The colour of polls: PM’s move against black money prepares the ground for reforms of electoral finance.

Let the numbers speak: The discussion on the fall in employment after the November 8 demonetisation relies on anecdotal evidence.

Live Mint

India’s gains from lower oil prices at risk: Higher oil prices can affect government spending as well as private consumption.

Regulating digital payment industry: The payments terrain should expand and be enabled by regulations to accommodate new kinds of participants in the system.





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