Must Read News Articles – February 11


The Hindu

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A shot in the arm for defence acquisition: The government plans to set up a Defence Procurement Organisation (DPO) to integrate and streamline the long and arduous process of defence acquisitions.

Govt. sets up inter-departmental task force to crack down on benami firms: A task force comprising members of various regulatory Ministries and enforcement agencies has been set up on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directions for a major crackdown on shell companies, which are used for large-scale money laundering and tax evasion.

Waking up to the role of toxins in causing litchi mystery disease:  possible role of a toxin present in litchi in causing illness in children in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.


Looking beyond our own species: Tamil Nadu’s new jallikattu law presents complex constitutional issues on how we treat animals. It raises more questions than answers, some of which are likely to be at the core of the Supreme Court’s consideration.


India in talks with U.S. on H-1B issue: Indian IT industry has raised some concerns.

Indian Express

How not to treat TB: State policy of restricting availability of anti-TB drug due to fears of antibiotic resistance is impractical and undemocratic.

Live Mint

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