Must Read News Articles – February 16

The Hindu

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ISRO launches 104 satellites in one go, creates history: These include the country’s earth observation satellite Cartosat-2 series.

Constitution Bench to hear Delhi-Centre spat: A two-judge Bench of the Supreme Court referred to a Constitution Bench a series of appeals filed by the Delhi government for laying down the law on whether the Lieutenant Governor (LG) can unilaterally administer the National Capital — without being bound by the “aid and advice” of the elected government.

Clouds over Maharashtra will have a silver iodide lining: State government responds to frequent droughts in Vidarbha with a three-year cloud seeding experiment.

Can’t advance Rafale deliveries: Dassault: India has ordered 36 jets, and the deliveries are scheduled between 2019 and 2022.


The devil is in the fine print: Electoral reforms announced in the Budget are not what they are claimed to be — they will neither cleanse our politics nor bring transparency.

ISRO sets the bar high: ISRO boosted its reputation further when it successfully launched a record 104 satellites in one mission from Sriharikota on Wednesday by relying on its workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle rocket.

The foul air we breathe: Report has drawn attention to the deadly pollutants that pervade the air that people breathe in India, causing terrible illness and premature death.

Time to Break in India: There is no point in hitching our bandwagon to what will soon be an obsolete patent game. We must think through alternative innovation incentives such as prizes and open source formats.

A few good officers: The Supreme Court verdict in the disproportionate assets case should boost the morale of all those who are investigating corrupt public servants.


RBI signalling end to easing cycle: The indications from the recent RBI policy are that we have probably come to the end of this easing cycle.

Indian Express

Happiness, beyond measure: People are jumping on to the Gross National Happiness bandwagon, in an attempt to capture something that remains elusive.

Orbital momentum: Isro has established its presence in the booming launch vehicle market. It is time to start spinning off products and services.

Live Mint

The GPS is a time machine: The Global Positioning System (GPS) isn’t just for navigation. Most modern technologies depend on it for having a single precise system of telling time.


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