Must Read News Articles – February 17

The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Talaq case may go to Constitution Bench: The Centre’s question as to “whether personal law is ‘law’ under Article 13” is significant.

Set up mechanism to delete sex determination ads: SC: ‘Order to Internet giants is to make search engines responsive to Indian law’.

India, Afghanistan take a hard line on Taliban at Moscow conference: Oppose view of Russia, China, Pakistan to involve Taliban in reconciliation efforts.

Potent malaria vaccine on the anvil: Encouraged by the trials, researchers say the registered vaccine will reached the market in two years.


The bumps ahead: Assessing inflation risk in the time of spiking prices and damp consumer sentiment.


‘Low solar tariff viability depends on cost of debt’: The viability of solar projects at the historically low tariffs of about ₹3 realised recently would critically depend on the cost of long-term debt, and also the continuance of low prices of solar modules.

Indian Express

Costs of denial: The State of Global Air report is another warning: Air pollution’s health effects cannot be ignored.

Live Mint

A fiscal-consolidation budget that falls short on reforms: The most urgent reform unfortunately omitted is the resolution of non-performing loans and the clean-up of corporate and bank balance sheets.


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