Must Read News Articles – February 19

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Black and unquiet flows the Periyar in Kerala: Chemical pollution of river and vast tracts of paddyland has been a matter of concern for decades.

Challenge of ageing with dignity: India’s rapidly ageing population may soon outweigh the demographic dividend of a young workforce. Unless attitudes towards the elderly improve and the government increases resources for their care, India is staring at the prospect of a generational socioeconomic crisis.

The lowdown on the Aero India show:  The majestic Russian Sukhoi-30, the highly advanced French war-plane Rafale, and the American warhorse F-16, all streaking across the sky, with an occasional sonic boom signalling their friendly banter over Bengaluru.

NIO begins fingerprinting tar balls to track oil spills: Environmental forensic analysts are chasing tar balls in sea coasts to trace the source of marine oil spills.


What the courts miss in the Constitution: A distinctive feature of Indian secularism is that it rejects the ‘wall of separation’ but demands that the state keep a ‘principled distance’ from all religions.

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