Must Read News Articles – February 28

The Hindu

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India, China seek common ground on Afghanistan: Despite differences on a number of issues, including over the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), U.N. designation of Masood Azhar as a terrorist, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, India and China began to look for a “common ground” on Afghanistan during Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar’s visit to Beijing.

Global studies on India’s air quality flawed: CPCB: Bodies such as WHO used ‘arbitrary’ conversion factors to measure pollutants.

Panel submits report on Tiruvannamalai project: Road widening will not affect flora and fauna, NGT told.

Impossible to stop upload of vulgar content: Google: Tells court preventive profiling mechanism doesn’t exist.Trying to prevent a person from uploading objectionable content online before he even does it will be like attempting to prevent murder, unless it is a case of a repeat offender like a serial killer, Google told the Supreme Court.

Mapping dolphin proteins may benefit human health: Mapping all the proteins found in the dolphin genome could pave the way for finding a new way to treat some common diseases that affect humans.


The IS challenge: What India should and shouldn’t do to stop the group from striking roots among its young.

NOTA and the Indian voter: The perceived cynicism of voters against the political class seems exaggerated.

Seeing the light: The WTO dispute that India lost over solar power and the one that it has now filed against the U.S. are similar. It is best for both countries to find an amicable solution.


SEBI to tighten algo trading rules: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) plans to further tighten the regulations for algorithmic trading to minimise instances of misuse of such systems that can be used to execute complex trading strategies at a very high speed.

Indian Express

Demands of a political solution: Eliminate the terrorist but talk to all other anti-state actors in Kashmir.

Fruits of patience: Foreign secretary level talks indicate that New Delhi and Beijing are on their way to resolving differences over India’s NSG membership.

Live Mint

The prospects of UK-India economic ties: While the trade relationship is underperforming, the UK-India bilateral investment partnership is very strong.

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