Must Read News Articles – January 2


The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Pak. endorses China’s block on Masood Azhar: Pakistan on Sunday endorsed the block that China has imposed on India’s campaign at the United Nations Security Council to blacklist a Pakistan-based terror group chief.


Playing the angles, with Russia: If Donald Trump succeeds in what Barack Obama failed to do, which is resetting ties with an aggressive Russia, it could trigger a cascade of geostrategic realignments across the world.

Not just about a quota: We need to educate children in schools about caste, ethnic, gender and regional diversities and have public policy interventions to make society more equal and fair.


‘Hoarded black money to be converted into cheaper loans’: Aim is to channel the wealth that was previously being hoarded as black money into cheaper capital for affordable housing, women’s health, the agriculture sector, and medium and small enterprises.

‘Demonetisation alters economy’s recovery path’: The Centre’s demonetisation move has hurt private consumption and impacted sectors such as real estate, automobiles and FMCG, which in turn has altered the economy’s recovery path in the short-term.

Packing food, drugs at a blistering pace: About 80 per cent of cold-form blister packaging is currently imported and the aim is to bring that figure down to zero.

Indian Express

The Middle Ground On Water: Permanent Water Tribunal needs supplementary institutions.

India’s interests tilt eastwards, it walks a new tightrope: India’s economic and strategic interests are hugely tied to the Indian Ocean, the 21st century’s theatre of huge rivalries. If Trump translates his rhetoric into reality, a harried China will be a nightmare there.

Expand partnership with US, limit rifts with China: India has a trade surplus with America, which has ended its pro-Pakistan tilt and supports India’s membership of the UNSC and NSG. Washington says it wants to see India emerge as a great power; China seems to block India’s rise.

Live Mint

GST: anti-profiteering measures necessary?: Competition and an open market place is the best tool for keeping prices in check.

Demonetisation’s hydra-headed critics: If it turns out that notes extant on 8 November were somehow under-counted, it would mean that RBI had greater liabilities than its books showed.



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