Must Read News Articles – January 11


The Hindu

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SC orders audit of 30 lakh NGOs: The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the government to audit nearly 30 lakh NGOs which received public funds but consistently failed to explain how they spent the money.

NGT panel to inspect major waste generators: The NGT expressed concern that public authorities lacked infrastructure and appropriate technical capacity to handle such huge quantity of waste.

Make solar rooftops mandatory: CSE: Solar panels on rooftops should be made mandatory for new residential societies.

Cash for land is just not done: SC: Agreeing to hear the plight of the landless victims of the Sardar Sarovar Project in detail, the Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that giving cash instead of land to farmers who lost their fertile lands to the mega dam project is “tentatively” not acceptable.

Effects of Endosulfan devastating: SC: Describing the effects of Endosulfan as “devastating,” the Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Kerala government to release the entire compensation to over 5,000 victims, mostly newborns, and their families in three months.


Taking ‘Cold Start’ out of the freezer?: General Bipin Rawat’s reference to Cold Start raises vital questions about what he means by the phrase and whether he was authorised to speak on the matter by the government.

Mind the gender gap: Despite the successes, better implementation and planning are needed to ensure that these policies percolate right down to the last woman in the most remote parts of the country.

Reaching out to Africa: That 41 heads of state and government from 54 countries in Africa were present at the India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi, itself demonstrates the importance both sides attach to mutual ties.


India opposed to inclusion of ‘new issues’ in WTO: Ahead of a special meeting of trade ministers on the sidelines of the forthcoming World Economic Forum at Davos, India opposed attempts by some developed nations to introduce ‘new issues’ including e-commerce and investment into the formal agenda of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level negotiations on liberalisation of global trade.

Benefits of demonetisation uncertain in long run: Short-term pain of the government’s demonetisation exercise could outweigh long-term gains that it said were still ‘uncertain.

H1B visa reform to increase IT firms’ margin pressure: IT firms’ margins will come under more pressure if the US government clears the H1B visa reform Bill — ‘Protect and Grow American Jobs Act’.

Indian Express

Central To The Market: Long-term investments in social sector are essential for growth, political stability.

An autonomy policy: Demonetisation process raises troubling questions over the way government has treated RBI. Central bank needs to assert.

Live Mint

Time to revamp the tax administration: The tax department will now have to mine a vast volume of data to zero in on accounts that have been used to deposit unaccounted cash.

Demonetisation and budgets: all in the mind: Arun Jaitley will soon be presenting the 2017-18 budget and his well-laid plans may have to incorporate demonetisation-induced changes.


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