Must Read News Articles – January 20


The Hindu

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Milestone in cryogenic engine test paves way for GSLV-MkIII: A milestone crossed in the making of a new cryogenic rocket engine set the stage for the first flight of the country’s most powerful satellite launcher to date, the GSLV-Mark III.

Proximity rule unconstitutional, unfair to minorities: HC: Court says it is inclined to grant a stay on government’s notification in favour of minority schools.

As jallikattu protests snowball, TN to shut down: Chennai getting ready for dawn-to-dusk bandh on Friday; holiday declared by schools in Chennai, south Tamil Nadu; agitators vent their ire on Modi, Panneerselvam; politicians kept out of uprising driven by social media.

‘Church courts’ cannot veto divorce law, says Supreme Court: Disposes of plea seeking recognition of Canon law as the personal law of Indian Catholics.


The limits to popular sentiment: Tamil Nadu is caught in a near-spontaneous mass upsurge in support of jallikattu, the bull-taming spectacle held during the time of the harvest festival of Pongal.

Rebooting disinvestment: That it took 11 months for a Budget announcement to secure ‘in-principle’ Cabinet approval is symptomatic of the lethargy in the disinvestment program.

Safe childhoods for a safe India: Though belated, the decision to ratify two key ILO conventions on child labour makes clear India’s intent of zero tolerance for the exploitation of children.

Reopening old wounds: Northeast Asia is a geostrategic hotspot. An ascendant China is asserting its claims to disputed islands and waters. An unpredictable North Korea is wont to threaten with missiles. And under a new president, the United States is an untested ally. But for Japan and South Korea, the two countries most affected by these developments, bilateral relations are currently being held hostage by a bronze statue of a barefoot teenage girl.


Airlines yet to collect regional connectivity scheme cess: Centre will explore other means to fund the scheme if domestic airlines do not come on board.

Indian Express

Resolution That Isn’t: On Israeli settlements, the United Nations Security Council ignores core issues.

A new class act: Higher education in India is failing. Overhauling the system can salvage it.

Jallikattu questions: Ordinance may not be a good idea while the case is in court. Protests point to the limitations of reform by diktat.

Live Mint

Startup India’s flaws are beginning to tell: Instead of providing an enabling business environment, the government is applying a version of the infant industry logic.

Growth deficit and the fiscal deficit: The budget is likely to overestimate the expected revenue and the absolute level of the permissible fiscal deficit.


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