Must Read News Articles – January 23


The Hindu

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Jallikattu verdict spurred a flood of animal right cases in SC: The Supreme Court has declared that animals have a right to protect their life and dignity from human excesses.

Derailments rise but safety reports gather dust: Parliamentary panel pulls up Railways for lack of urgency on track renewal, safety measures.


The nowhere people next door: New Delhi should use creative diplomacy to persuade Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya crisis.

In fruitless pursuit of permanence: Tamil Nadu government may have had few political options but to go in for an ordinance to facilitate the conduct of jallikattu once the surge in popular sentiment in favour of the traditional bull-taming sport gathered an enormous, unstoppable momentum.

Dealing with the deadwood: It has taken more than 40 years for the Centre to administer a shock to a complacent civil service.

From Jellicut to jallikattu: Only science can ensure commercial viability and protection of indigenous breeds.


Curbs on outsourcing may hit U.S. economy: Nasscom: India’s IT industry has warned about the adverse impact that curbs on outsourcing will have on the U.S. economy, which lacks high-skilled workers.

Indian Express

Justice, more sensitive: Bihar government’s decision to put in place 50 per cent reservations in judicial services is a step long overdue.

Live Mint

Connecting India’s states with good logistics: To reap the full benefits of GST on inter-state trade, both hard and soft logistics infrastructure need to improve.


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