Must Read News Articles – January 28


The Hindu

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SC to hear pleas on TN jallikattu law on Jan. 31: The Supreme Court on Friday said all applications filed to challenge Tamil Nadu’s amendment of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, allowing jallikattu to be held in the State, will be heard on January 31, 2017.\

Farmers’ deaths a human rights issue: Supreme Court: The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Centre and the States to explain whether there was a lifeline, including a comprehensive insurance plan, for farmers to end the vicious circle plaguing the agriculture sector.

No one law on cattle slaughter: SC: The Supreme Court on Friday declined a plea to direct States to frame a uniform policy banning cattle slaughter and prevent the illegal inter-State transportation of cattle.

Navy rejects Tejas, begins global search: After declaring the naval version of the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas unfit for operating from aircraft carriers in its “present form,” the Indian Navy has launched a global hunt for a carrier-based multi-role fighter aircraft.


The politics of demonetisation: As Parliament prepares to convene again after a winter session washed out due to the Opposition’s protest on demonetisation, it is worth asking why political mobilisation against the exercise is proving to be so difficult.

Getting ties with UAE on track: India’s interest in the UAE rests on several pillars: trade ties of about $50 billion, energy and oil supplies from the world’s fifth largest exporter, the welfare of 2.6 million Indians who remit billions of dollars home annually, and defence and security.


Centre says GAAR effective April 1, industry demurs: The new rules give tax authorities the right to scrutinise and tax transactions which they believe are structured solely to avoid taxes.

WTO pact set to lift world trade by $1 tn. in Trump era: The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) will have a major impact on poorer countries, because it standardises and simplifies customs procedures, slashing the time, cost and complexity of taking goods over borders.

Indian Express

Between Local And National: Anger at the marginalisation of the regional fuelled Jallikattu protests.

An inconvenient truth: India is one of the most unequal countries in the world — the richest 1 per cent own 60 per cent of its wealth.

Live Mint

The painful evolution of India’s telecom industry: It might be at an inflection point with the ongoing data wars—but it won’t be a smooth transition.

Digital payments don’t need fiscal intervention: There is no compelling need to give tax refunds to consumers.

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