Must Read News Articles – June 3rd

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‘India has 31% of world’s poor kids’: (The Hindu, Poverty and related issues)

In terms of absolute numbers, India accounts for both the highest and a staggering number of multi-dimensionally poor people.

Divorcing The Past: (The Hindu, Women and related issues)

Why abolishing triple talaq is critical to creating a New India. The dispute is not about any specific religion or community, it is about women from all communities.

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Gross misuse: (The Hindu, Indian Constitution)

Preventive detention laws in the country have come to be associated with frequent misuse.The Supreme Court’s caution against use of ‘Goondas Act’ for arbitrary detention is timely.

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Trump targets India, China as U.S. exits climate pact: (The Hindu, Pollution and conservation)

The U.S. has stopped implementation of its commitments under the Paris climate agreement signed by 195 countries in 2015.

Trumping the climactic exit: (The Hindu, Pollution and conservation)

U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement could help galvanise greater global action and cement new alliances.

We need Paris: (The Hindu, Pollution and conservation)

Ignoring scientific evidence on carbon emissions, Mr. Trump has carried his contempt for environmental regulations to an extreme with the decision to pull out of a hard-won compact that seeks to make the world safer for future generations.


Economy to grow 7.5% in FY18: (The Hindu, Planning, development and employment)

A day after India lost the tag of the world’s fastest growing economy to China, with GDP growth slipping to 6.1% in the last quarter of 2016-17, NITI Aayog vice chairman Arvind Panagariya said he expects 7.5% growth in the current financial year and possibly a return to the 8% growth rate.

Prelims Related News

ISRO abuzz with Monday’s heavy-lift rocket launch:

India eyes slot in 4-tonne club of developed nations. The indigenous GSLV-Mark III will make a bid to breach a heavy-lift rocket club that can put four-tonne satellites into space.

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