Must Read News Articles – March 23

The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Law coming to enforce dam safety regulations: The Centre is contemplating an institutional mechanism to improve safety in India’s 5300-odd dams.


Superpower dreams: India’s response to a low HDI rank must be good education and a higher health outlay.

Breathing life into health care: The new National Health Policy (2017) released last week presents a clear vision of how India’s sluggish health system can be galvanised to deliver health and well-being to all by 2030, to meet the Sustainable Development Goal on health.


Bankruptcy board spells out ‘eligibility’: Entities will have to form a separate subsidiary with dedicated resources related to insolvency.

Indian Express

A half cure: New National Health Policy checks some boxes but sidesteps basic concerns. It leaves too much to the states on maintaining standards.

Live Mint

Big Data firms are not immune to disruption: Charges that network effects and ‘lock in’ serve to remove competition tension from seemingly dominant firms are baseless.

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