Must Read News Articles – March 9

The Hindu

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SC to HCs: Don’t keep review pleas pending: The Supreme Court has asked High Courts to dispose of review petitions as expeditiously as possible to prevent any slow-up in the process of justice.

Fewer migratory water birds sighted at Ropar: ‘Due to threat and unavailability of food, the number of some species has dwindled’.

Take up India-Bangladesh border fencing: Supreme Court: The Supreme Court asked the Union government on Wednesday to release funds for fencing the India-Bangladesh border to check illegal migration into Assam.


The mystery of police reform: That police is a State subject complicates matters, but self-correction within the force is essential.

Staying cool: It’s time for energy-efficient temperature limits for air-conditioning units in public facilities.


Centre plumps for rural FMCG e-sales: The Centre has initiated talks with FMCG companies to sell their products online in rural areas through common service centres (CSCs) as it looks to increase the business for such centres.

Indian Express

Unusual times, usual ways: Methods to use GDP estimates cannot account for the shock caused by demonetisation.

Live Mint

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