Must Read News Articles – May 10

The Hindu

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Tax processed foods: FSSAI panel: A committee of medical experts and nutritionists has recommended a tax on “highly-processed” foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. The body, tasked by the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI), which is a Union Health Ministry body, has also advocated a ban on advertisements promoting foods high in FSS (fat, salt, sugar) during TV shows and channels aimed at children.

India’s Security Council seat bid gets Dutch help: The Netherlands has extended support to India’s membership bids for the United Nations Security Council and a host of export control regimes.

‘Tallest bridge built can withstand blasts’: Konkan railway, executing project across the Chenab, says mega structure can resist quakes too.

Indo-Pak. tensions hold up Samjhauta blast case trial: The current tensions in India-Pakistan relations may affect the ongoing trial of the 2007 Samjhauta Express train blast case.


Duplication isn’t synergy: Indian science needs hard work and a critically large base of experts, not more management.


Data may understate cash crunch impact: India’s national accounts statistics may understate the economic impact of the cash crunch.

‘NPA ordinance may have limited impact’: The effect of the ordinance empowering the Reserve Bank of India to deal more effectively with non-performing assets will be limited as operational problems of the stressed sectors remain.

Indian Express

Unity of the services: History stands testimony that the army, navy and air force always cooperate during wars. The demand for integrating the three forces through a theatre command is misplaced.

Live Mint

From here to $20 trillion: India’s economic growth strategy: The NITI Aayog action plan to boost agriculture as well as job creation in modern activities fits well with what has happened over the past few decades.

The government lacks clarity on healthcare: Its clumsy approach doesn’t bode well for the cooperation with the private sector outlined in the recent National Health Policy.


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