Must Read News Articles – May 16

The Hindu

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Jadhav’s trial farcical, says India: At urgent ICJ hearing, Pakistan says Vienna Convention provisions were not intended for spies.

‘Will enact divorce law for Muslims’: The Centre promised to enact a divorce law for Muslim men if the Supreme Court, as the “guardian of the Constitution”, strikes down all three forms of triple talaq unilaterally pronounced by a Muslim man on his wife.

India escapes major damage from ransomware: The first weekday after the WannaCry ransomware attack began, several thousand more computers turned out to be affected, particularly in Asia.


Triple talaq not fundamental to Islam: The Supreme Court will be well within its rights to lay down the procedure of divorce as per Koranic principles.

Timely refresh: The data set revision for the IIP and WPIreflects a macroeconomic resilience.

Putting a global price on carbon: A carbon tax is less likely to face political opposition while creating avenues for businesses and growth.

Off the road: Don’t shut the door on diplomacy overChina’s Belt and Road Initiative.


Cash is back as digital payments dip on costs: Cash transactions are beginning to trump almost every form of digital payment alternative with April clocking a decline in volumes as well as value of transactions conducted through cards, mobile banking and the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

Virus scare spurs banks into action: Banks and financial institutions in the country went on a war footing on Monday to upgrade their software systems, particularly their anti-virus packages, in the wake of the ransomware virus, WannaCry, which affected computers in 150 countries across the globe.

Indian Express

Two verdicts, one message: A civilised and progressive jurisprudence calls for banning the death penalty.

Live Mint

The case against triple talaq: Personal law must be subordinate to fundamental rights and subjected to the test of constitutional validity.

An evolving risk paradigm in the power sector: The growing risk profile for thermal power plants is likely to result in increasing cost of capital for them.

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