Must Read News Articles – May 19

The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

India’s first uterine transplant begins: The operations are meant to help women who want to conceive but cannot because they were born without a uterus, suffered damage to it or had to have it removed.

GST Council sets rates for most commodities: The Goods and Services (GST) Council on Thursday agreed on the fitment of almost all commodities in the various tax slabs under the new indirect regime to be rolled out on July 1.


Ending nuclear dependency: The government’s go-ahead to 10 indigenous reactors is a timely step towards nuclear energy self-sufficiency.

Where the jobs are: Public spending and economic policy need to be more attuned to employment creation


India aims to boost trade ties with African nations: African Development Bank meet to be held in Gujarat.

Indian Express

Aadhaar, then and now: The UIDAI has gone from being an object of ridicule to an admired project.

Live Mint

Big Data’s big governance impact: From transforming development initiatives to improving transparency, Big Data analytics could have a major impact on the way governments work.


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