Must Read News Articles – May 24

The Hindu


NGO evolves blueprint to end female genital mutilation: A report on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) released looks at the psychological trauma and physical scars faced by the victims, and the legal aspects that could be weaved in to stop the practice completely.

FTA will be high on Modi-Merkel agenda: India, Germany share concerns on China project.

Africa is our priority: India’s commodity trade with Africa in 2015-16 was higher than our commodity trade with the United States of America.


The GST train chugs along: The ideal of a low, single rate and comprehensive coverage is still far away, but the journey has begun.

Forgotten cogs in the wheels of justice: The exploitation of judicial support staff continues to be widespread.

Continental ties: India begins the heavy-lifting neededto transform economic partnerships in Africa.


RCEP: India upset over slow progress on services talks: India, which is in talks for the proposed mega-regional Free Trade Agreement (FTA) along with 16 other Asia Pacific nations, has expressed disappointment over the inadequate progress in talks on services trade liberalisation especially for facilitating easier movement of professionals for short-term work in these countries.

Centre keen on upgrading ship-repairing facilities: Centre is planning to embark on a programme to refurbish the ship-repairing facilities in various ports across the country.

Indian Express

Holding To Ransom: WannaCry malware attack raises questions for state, software producers, users.

Live Mint

Building a robust and resilient cyber system: If in previous years cyberattacks could lead to monetary losses, today they can cost lives. Just cybersecurity isn’t enough any more.

Adding heft to inflation targeting: The shift to flexible inflation targeting by RBI’s monetary policy committee is based on a deep theoretical shift in economic policy thinking, and whether one agrees or not, India has now embraced the new paradigm.


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