Must Read News Articles – May 27

The Hindu


New curbs on cattle slaughter: Rules notified to prevent sale of cows and other bovines for slaughter at markets.

SC had taken varied positions on cattle issue: For years, the Supreme Court has struggled for consistency in its judicial pronouncements regarding cattle, leaving it ultimately to the Centre and States to devise an appropriate policy.


Red tape herring?: Abolishing the FIPB is just symbolism — to attract FDI, more reform is needed.


PF contribution may be cut to fatten your wallet: Mandatory savings rate to be reduced to 10% from 12%.

Consolidation among government-owned banks: Larger banks have better market access and should be able to merge with smaller banks.

Indian Express

Live Mint

The cycles of distress in Indian agriculture: The anniversaries of the Champaran agitation led by Mahatma Gandhi and the Naxalbari uprising provide an opportunity to refocus on structural challenges in agriculture.

Locating China’s Obor in the global development debate: While the exact contours of the entire Obor initiative are not yet very clear, the idea has already been dissected inside out in the global media.


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