Must Read News Articles – May 8

The Hindu

Front Page / NATIONAL

Glut ruins farmers trapped in ‘cobweb phenomenon’: When prices of a commodity increase during a season of scarcity, more of it is cultivated leading to a problem of plenty.

Japan pitches for Chabahar port: Indo-Japan civil nuclear cooperation agreement is still on track.


This time with feeling: The Centre has empowered the Reserve Bank of India to get banks to take tougher steps, including insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings against defaulters, to address the growing volume of bad loans on their books.

Space for all: By launching the GSAT-9 ‘South Asia satellite’, India has reaffirmed the Indian Space Research Organisation’s scientific prowess, but the messaging is perhaps more geopolitical than geospatial.

Decoding the doctrine: More clarity is needed on implementing the Joint Indian Armed Forces Doctrine.


Time for a digital Indian Rupee: Financial inclusion is an attainable goal.

ADB eyes Delhi as regional hub: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has operationally started working to create several regional hubs including New Delhi as one for South Asia.

FATCA: Deadline, procedure and details: Your bank account and other financial transactions like mutual funds need to be compliant with The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Non-compliance would lead to blocking of accounts.

Indian Express

Dissent and Aadhaar: We have been numbed by a series of lies, myths and fictions about the project.

Live Mint

India must oppose surging protectionism: It should aggressively voice its concern about increasing restrictions on the movement of professionals at both bilateral and multilateral forums.

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