Must Read News Articles – November 2

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The Hindu

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Reporting of encounter killings mandatory: NHRC: The NHRC, which issued notices to Madhya Pradesh authorities seeking reports on the gunning down of eight SIMI men on Monday, said in a statement that it had always been concerned about custodial deaths and deaths in police action.

SIMI men had no guns: Witnesses: ‘Suspects threw stones, shouted curses and dared police to attack’.

SC verdicts talked tough against security personnel on fake encounters: One of the judgments even recommends death penalty to “trigger-happy” police personnel.


Winking at the States: The Central government’s attempt to dilute the land acquisition law by encouraging States to enact their own versions is a pernicious misuse of a constitutional provision

Questions about an ‘encounter’: The eight undertrials, belonging to the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, had been charged with serious offences and were alleged to have been involved in the murder of policemen and in armed robberies.

Why diversity needs secularism: The non-inclusion of the word ‘secular’ in the original Constitution cannot be a reasonto recommend its removal now.


High expectations ahead of Indo-Sri Lanka fishermen talks: As fisher leaders from India and Sri Lanka prepare to meet in New Delhi on Tuesday, expectations run high on both sides of the Palk Bay, amid enhanced ties between the neighbors.


RCEP members worry over market access to China: The concerns of 15 Asia-Pacific nations including India, over agreeing to give greater market access to Chinese goods without gaining in return, may take centre-stage in the forthcoming ministerial meeting on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

Cess plan could mean 10 different GST rates: To ensure that the tax incidence on products like cigarettes, tobacco products and luxury commodities doesn’t decline under the GST regime, the Finance Ministry has proposed differential cess rates to be levied over and above the highest tax rate of 26 per cent for such products.

Data fraud: IRDAI readies cyber security shield: In the wake of the recent data breach involving the banking system, insurance regulator IRDAI is in the process of setting up a cyber security framework to thwart any such incident in future.

India, Nepal to decide on open skies: India is set to hold bilateral talks with its neighbouring Nepal under its new civil aviation policy to allow unlimited flight services with SAARC countries.

Science and Technology

Biologists exploring ways to save dying Great Barrier Reef: Scientists are looking for stress-tolerant corals and breeding them to create a strain of coral that can help them save the Great Barrier Reef.

NASA tech may help prevent flight delays: NASA has developed a way to prevent flight delays using a new technology that safely increases the number of airplanes that can land on the same runway at busy airports by more precisely managing the time between each aircraft arrival.

Indian Express

The overrated urban spinoff: Agriculture’s contribution to poverty reduction is five times more than that of metropolitan centres.

Educating the citizen: The demand that political parties function democratically must come from the people.

Live Mint

The EU’s lessons on economic integration: Its current troubles point to the tensions inherent in the current model of globalization.

Long road to ‘ease of undoing business: Competition is about the free entry of new businesses. But it is also about free exit.

GST: a contest of competing truths: A goods and services tax which is growth-oriented will improve the efficiency of the tax and the simplicity of its implementation.

Religious freedom is not just for men: The Haji Ali verdict is a win for Indian Muslim women fighting for equality.


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