Must Read News Articles – November 28



The Hindu

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SC: Accept dying declaration of person with 100% burn injuries: In a significant ruling in criminal law, the Supreme Court held that the dying declaration of a burn victim against her attackers should not be dismissed simply her burn injuries are extensive, even a 100 per cent.

Expenditure by States on key sectors remains flat: Expenditure by the States on key social and economic sectors has not changed substantially following the implementation of the 14th Finance Commission recommendations in 2015-16, shows an analysis of the budgets of 17 States by PRS Legislative Research.


India to restore grounded aircraft in Afghanistan: After supplying four attack helicopters to Afghanistan, India is quietly moving to qualitatively scale up military assistance in terms of long-term spares and support.


Cuba after Fidel: The life of Fidel Castro, Latin America’s last revolutionary leader and towering and charismatic anti-imperialist torch-bearer, came to signify the high point of Cold War ideological hostilities of the 20th century.

The centralising instinct: Narendra Modi’s 2014 victory challenged the idea that the States serve as the primary unit of political affiliation. Demonetisation presents an opportunity to refocus debates on Centre-State relations.

Demonetisation and its discontents: None can afford to be seen as directly opposing measures to clean up black money and weed out counterfeits. However, stories of cashless banks and shuttered ATMs seem to have given some life to opposition parties looking for an issue to pin the government down.

The voice of the Third World: Fidel Castro was the mirror of Africa, Asia and Latin America’s aspirations.


Committed to easing pain: RBI Governor: ‘Logistics of removing 86% of notes in circulation is huge’.

China: In the shadow of eight dragons: China’s economic achievements are unparalleled in economic history. With growth slowing, will the country continue on the path of debt-fuelled growth or pursue painful structural reform?

Indian Express

Off the black mark: Demonetisation won’t hurt ‘kala dhan’ — it will only damage economic growth.

Who can become an Indian citizen?: Partition’s long shadow is evident on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which seeks to introduce a religious distinction in the law. It must be debated.

Code of control: Social practice needs to be gender-just, but reform must respect religious freedom.

Going ahead: Challenge for government: To earn back trust, not brush warnings under black carpet.

Walking with history: Fidel Castro represented both the highs and lows of twentieth century Left politics.

Live Mint

Why India needs to defend free trade: Millions in India and China have been pulled out of poverty because of the opportunities offered by globalization.

Mother nature versus climate change: Governments will need to take action to conserve existing ecosystems—and restore and expand degraded ecosystems—in people-friendly ways.

The sickness in Indian manufacturing: To take advantage of the expenditure boom that looms large on the domestic market, local firms have to ensure their goods are globally competitive.

Time to fortify corporate governance: The Tata-Mistry spat highlights the failings of regulators, stock exchanges and independent directors. It unveils the sad state of corporate governance in the country.



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