Must Read News Articles – November 29



The Hindu

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SC seeks Centre’s stand on security clearance policy: The Supreme Court on Monday sought the Centre’s response on a petition seeking clarity on the Security Clearance Policy.


Two-pronged war in Iraq: The blast in Hilla that killed over 100 people, mostly Iranian pilgrims, reinforces the fear that the Islamic State remains a potent force in Iraq despite recent military setbacks.


RBI relaxes cash withdrawal limits to spur deposits: The move will encourage small businesses such as shopkeepers to deposit cash in legal tender which they can fully withdraw.

‘CRR diktat may arrest slide in interest rates’: The central bank’s decision to increase the cash reserve ratio (CRR) to 100 per cent on deposits received between September 16 and November 11 is likely to stem a slide in interest rates, as liquidity will be drained out of the banking system.

AERA plan on tariffs unilateral: IATA: No policy direction has been given to the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (AERA) by the Centre for switching to hybrid-till model of determining tariff at Airport Authority of India (AAI) airports.

‘Bitcoin adoption in India sees surge’Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not supported by any country’s government or central bank. Demand for bitcoins will further increase.

Indian Express

The New Cultural Revolution: Demonetisation is aimed at a behavioural change necessary for building a new India.

Trump, artificial intelligence and India: The fusion of the cyber and the physical is transforming the global economic and security landscape. Delhi must begin to pay attention.

Forgetting old friends: Modi government’s turn against Palestine reflects a majoritarian mindset.

Live Mint

Making India a cashless economy: The government is working at various levels to reduce the dependence on cash.

Forget growth to achieve growth: For a country of India’s size, diversity, and political complexity, any fundamental reform has to emerge as a bottom-up effort.

Payments banks in uncharted territory: The recently launched Airtel Payments Bank kicks off a new experiment in cashless, tech-based banking.

A water war in Asia cannot be ruled out: Asia can build a harmonious, rules-based water management system. But it needs China to get on board.

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