Must Read News Articles – November 9


The Hindu

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Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000 notes no longer legal tender: Decision taken to root out black money and fake notes.

Do you have an action plan on pollution: SC: “Do you have a plan before pollution levels go to such an extent that it threatens human lives,” Chief Justice asked.

‘Corruption, black money & terrorism are festering sores’: We are now No. 1 in the rate of economic growth. But on the other hand, we were ranked close to 100 in the global corruption perceptions ranking two years back.

Move was in the pipeline for months: The case for introducing new notes followed prolonged deliberations within the top echelons of government, based on inputs from security agencies and the central bank.

Centre extends AFSPA to check Naga factions: The Centre has decided to extend the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in three districts of Arunachal Pradesh. One of the primary reasons cited by the Centre is “extortion and intimidation” by the cadres of National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah), who are “contriving to dominate areas hitherto occupied by NSCN (Khaplang).

‘Keep birth database to curb female foeticide’: The female child is entitled to enjoy equal rights that a male child is allowed to have: Bench.

India makes fresh push to gain NSG entry: India’s bid for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group will be centre-stage again this week as the group meets for the Consultative Group technical meeting on September 9-10, followed by the Plenary session in Vienna.


The politics of perceptions: Material change matters, but perception too determines a feeling of deprivation. Prosperity, good governance and a focus on fairness, rather than electoral pandering, often elicit greater political support.

The long battle for Raqqa: The operation to recapture Raqqa in Syria launched by a U.S.-backed coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters is bound to increase the military pressure on the Islamic State, which is already under attack in Mosul, its power centre in Iraq.


India to seek greater market access in U.K. for IT, drugs: India and the U.K. have begun to look at ways to deepen trade & investment ties even without a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

‘Coal import price hike may hit consumers’: Likely to dampen coal imports and negatively impact railway freight revenue as end-user industries could shift to domestic coal.

Indian Express

The arhar solution to pollution: It will also promote indigenous research and science, incentivise pulses production, rationalize pricing.

Clear the haze: Cleaning Delhi’s air requires urban planners, health experts and policymakers to work together.

Live Mint

Towards a new fiscal policy framework: The quest for a new fiscal law is absolutely fine as long as it does not become an excuse for abandoning fiscal discipline.

More bad news from struggling Indian banks: Even the recognition of the extent of the bad loan problem is not complete yet. And the resolution process has only had a fitful start.

Why Delhi smog is a call to address India’s farm crisis: India’s farm crisis requires a well-crafted strategy, not knee-jerk reactions or quick-fix solutions.



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