Must Read News Articles – October 12



The Hindu



India unhappy over Russia-Pakistan ties: Indian envoy tells Moscow that military cooperation with Islamabad will only create further problems.



A tragedy that implicates us all: If India fails to respond to the suffering in Yemen, and just pat ourselves pompously for a few air evacuations from West Asia, we fail as a moral community and a democratic nation.

How’s the economy really doing?: There are multiple ways to arrive at an answer, but each metric points in a different direction.



Who will regulate pension products?: Finance Ministry sets up committee to streamline regulation amid confusion over supervision.

Banks’ profitability under threat? IMF thinks so: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) last week named India among the emerging economies whose banking systems are vulnerable to further declines in growth or profits.(Economic Times)


Indian Express

A Bill for better health: HIV Bill offers steps to end discrimination and ensure equality for affected groups.


Live Mint

Monetary policy challenges for RBI: The effectiveness of the transmission channels of monetary policy is not known in India.

Call for a multilateral competition regime: Control over the global food value chain is getting consolidated in fewer private hands, posing serious security concerns.

Note: There was no Must Read News Articles on Oct 11 because of Dussehra.


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