Must Read News Articles – October 18


The Hindu

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The Kerry effect- Centre lifts curbs on fund transfers by NGO: U.S. Secretary had flagged issue of Compassion International with Sushma Swaraj.

Cauvery panel tells SC of drought, debt: The parched Cauvery basin has become a fertile reason for farmers’ suicides and mass migrations in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, a Supreme Court-appointed High Level Technical Team told the court.

Now, India has a nuclear triad: India has quietly completed its nuclear triad by inducting the indigenously built strategic nuclear submarine INS Arihant into service.

Law Commission suggests changes in govt. draft Bill on child abduction: The 21st Law Commission in its first report on Monday recommended a series of changes in the draft Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction Bill-2016, proposed by the Women and Child Development Ministry, including one-year jail term for wrongful retention or removal of a child from the custody of a parent.


Only about terrorism?: The outcome of the BRICS summit and the outreach to BIMSTEC countries has been popularly condensed into what they had to say on a single issue: terrorism.

Deciding issues of personal law: The Supreme Court can and must make a pronouncement on the widely excoriated practice of triple talaq.

Reimagining BRICS: India has tried to use the multilateral forum to serve its larger strategic ends.


China opposes India linking Pakistan with terror: After India termed Pakistan a “mothership of terrorism”, China on Monday said it was against linking any country or religion with terror.

BIMSTEC waxes as SAARC wanes: India unveils road map for members, with greater coordination in law enforcement, trade and digital symmetry.


GST must absorb green cess on diesel cars: It does not make sense to have two different, not concurring, not co-ordinated tax systems.

Indian Express

Message from GoaTerror from Pakistan is a global problem but Pakistan is – and will be- India’s headache more than anybody else’s.

Kigali warning: India has eked out the most lenient time-frame for eliminating HFC. It cannot afford to be an outlier in future negotiations.

A practice against modernity: Islamic scholars and women’s organisations have held that the practice has no religious or Quranic sanction and yet the AIMPLB is opposing any attempt at reform as an interference in religious matters.

Live Mint

Hunger solutions from the soil: Healthy, living soil is the most essential element in ensuring food security. Yet it is often ignored by policy planners.

Treasury gains will not solve banks’ problem: Treasury gains may only partially reduce the need for government intervention.

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